Glorincor registered the drug Pegfilgrastim Biocon

The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus has approved Pegfilgrastim, a drug developed by Biocon and Mylan Biopharmaceutical Company for the treatment of cancer patients after chemotherapy to reduce the duration of severe neutropenia and thus reduce the frequency of infections that manifest as febrile neutropenia.

The approval of Pegfilgrastim was based on an exhaustive body of analytical, preclinical and clinical data, which confirmed that the product is very similar to the reference Neulasta® and there are no clinically meaningful differences in terms of safety and efficacy.

Glorincor, as a Biocon partner, is pleased to provide access to high quality and affordable biosimilar Pegfilgrastim for patients in the Republic of Belarus. The drug Pegfilgrastim, co-developed by Biocon and Mylan, is the first biosimilar to be available to patients in Belarus.

We hope that the successful use of the drug Pegfilgrastim Biocon will save more money for the Belarusian healthcare system. We aim to use global scientific experience and developments to change the paradigm of access to high-tech medical technology for patients in need of biosimilar drugs such as Pegfilgrastim.