We specialize in guiding business owners and management teams through the most challenging and complex transaction processes. We assist clients to enforce business procedures, gain access to the new markets and allocate required capital.
Glorincor invests in companies and projects in high-tech
and traditional sectors with the global opportunities.
Glorincor is a union of professionals with the distinguised backgrounds in finance, operations and management. Company's day to day activities are surrounded by entrepreneurial spirit. Glorincor team is keen on knowledge, experience and leadership skills sharing with portfolio partners.
Our outstanding advisors play an important role in the strategic development of portfolio companies. Experts` support based on knowledge, experience and non-standard approaches to the solution of complex business and scientific tasks. Our advisors assist management to choose the optimal model for solving business problems, to identify risky transactions bringing cutting-edge expertise in sectorial peculiarities and to direct companies to the new breakthrough achievements.
Glorincor helps companies to move to the next phase of their growth, drawing on our team's expertise, global business network and proven value creation strategies. Some of the companies require injections of capital or management expertise, others need to restructure their operations to improve efficiency or take on greater scale to help them compete in global markets. Our role is to strengthen management teams - sometimes by bringing in additional managers with specific skills or by changing the reporting structure to increase focus and accountability. Our investment activities are focused in, but not limited to, the following areas:
Internet Infrastructure & Services
Biotechnologies, pharmaceuticals, medical services
Traditional business sectors
At Glorincor, we aim to create real growth in the businesses, whether in high-tech or in traditional industries. Investing we evaluate companies along the following criteria:

The main value creation strategies Glorincor applies, often in combination, are:

  • Focus on the core business: redirecting the company's resources to focus on its strengths.
  • Business roll-out: further growth and development of the business in its existing markets.
  • New market expansion: seizing opportunities presented by the opening up and development of new markets, particularly in Asia and other emerging markets.
  • Industry consolidation: acquiring and merging related businesses to strengthen their competitive position.
  • Strategic redirection: refocusing the business strategy to benefit from changing market trends.
  • Revenue growth initiatives: increasing revenues by helping our companies in domestic and international markets.
  • Improving operations: including increasing efficiency and reducing costs, thereby boosting profit margins.
  • Sharing best practice: cross-portfolio sourcing and the sharing of knowledge around common commercial practices.
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1/3 Kuprevicha Street, Suite 17 Minsk, 220141

Ministry of Health of Belarus approves Biocon and Mylan's Trastuzumab.

Glorincor company as the partner of Biocon Limited in Belarus is glad to announce that biosimilar Trastuzumab jointly developed by Biocon and Mylan, has been approved in the Republic of Belarus on 21st of February 2019.

Biocon's Trastuzumab is indicated for the treatment of patients with HER2 positive early breast cancer (EBC), metastatic breast cancer (MBC) and metastatic gastric cancer (MGC). Under the supervision of the relevant healthcare professional, it can be prescribed as either monotherapy or in combination with other medicines dependent on the relevant diagnosis.

Glorincor anticipates potential to provide patients access to a biosimilar to Herceptin®, representing a significant milestone for Glorincor, Biocon and the overall healthcare system of Belarus. Approval of Trastuzumab in Belarus further demonstrates leading biopharmaceutical company Biocon's robust scientific capabilities in developing complex products.

Glorincor and Biocon presented opportunities for Eurasian market in treatment cancer at Eurasian Cancer Screening Conference.

Glorincor company in cooperation with its partner Biocon Limited took part in the Eurasian Cancer Screening Conference, which held 17 – 18th, May in Belarus (Minsk).

Leading oncologists from 37 countries visited the conference sessions. The conference focused on evaluation of effectiveness of cancer screening and treatment programs in Eastern Europe, central Asia and Baltic countries. Major topics were concentrated on challenging problems in breast, cervical, colorectal and prostate cancer programs.

The organizers of the conference are the Alexandrov National Cancer Center of Belarus, the United States National Cancer Institute, the Piedmont Reference Center for Epidemiology and Cancer Prevention, the Belarusian society of oncologists.

At the conference Glorincor widely presented Biocon’s cutting-edge product to treat the breast cancer – TRASTUZUMAB, which was registered by FDA 1st of December 2017 and many other countries. Currently, this Biocon’s TRASTUZUMAB is under registration in most of CIS countries, including Belarus.

Glorincor and Biocon discussing new stage of cooperation with Ministry of Healthcare of Belarus.

Biocon and Glorincor had a meeting with the Ministry of Healthcare of Belarus and discussed cooperation in R&D, manufacturing and marketing in Belarusian and Eurasian markets. The parties updated each other regarding the results of partnership achieved since the agreement signed in India during the President of Belarus visit (September,2017), and defined the perspectives to bring new affordable products into Belarus and CIS region markets.

(from left to right: Sushma Swaraj (Marketing, Biocon), H.E. Vyacheslav Shylo (Deputy Minister of Healthcare of Belarus), H.E. Valery Malashko (Minister of Healthcare of Belarus), Paul Thomas (President for Biologics, Biocon), Dr.Dmitry Klevzhits (Director General, Glorincor), Shiva Kumar (Vice President for CIS and EE markets, Biocon)

Biocon Limited is Asia's premier biopharmaceutical company. The Company is a pioneer in bringing the benefit of high quality, yet affordable, novel biologics and biosimilars to patients worldwide. Today, Biocon is India's largest and fully-integrated biopharmaceutical company that develops, manufactures and supplies advanced, life-saving biopharmaceuticals for diabetes, cancer and autoimmune conditions at price points that make them affordable and thus accessible. 2017 - USFDA approved Biocon-Mylan’s biosimilar Trastuzumab for cancer treatments.
2018 - Biocon and Novartis announced partnership on the “next wave” of biosimilars.
2018 - Biocon and Mylan got European Commission approval to market biosimilar Insulin Glargine.

Glorincor Joins Hands with Ministry of Healthcare of Belarus, Biocon Limited and Cadila Healthcare Limited

During the visit of President of Belarus H.E. Alexander Lukashenko to India, India-Belarus Business Forum’ held in New Delhi. Glorincor signed tripartite partnership agreement with the Ministry of Healthcare of Belarus and Biocon Limited, and tripartite partnership agreement with the Ministry of Healthcare of Belarus, and Cadila Healthcare Limited.

The largest Asian biotech company Biocon Limited collaborates with Ministry of Health to provide a wide range of Biocon bio-pharmaceuticals for diabetes, cancer and autoimmune conditions, for patients through Glorincor, its business partner.

Dr.Arun Chandavarkar (CEO, Biocon Limited) signed a strategic partnership agreement with H.E.Valery Malashko (Minister of Health) and Dr.Dmitry Klevzhits (Glorincor Director General).

Zydus Cadila, Ministry of Healthcare of Belarus and Glorincor agreed to cooperate in the treatment of autoimmune and infection diseases. Zydus Cadila is a fully integrated, global healthcare provider, with strengths all along the pharmaceutical value chain. With a core competence in the field of healthcare, Zydus Cadila provides total healthcare solutions ranging from formulations, active pharmaceutical ingredients and animal healthcare products to wellness products.

Mr. Parekh Nitin (CFO, Cadila Healthcare Limited), signed a strategic partnership agreement with Mr. Valery Malashko (Minister of Healthare of Belarus) and Dr. Alexandr Pisarenkov (Deputy Director General, Glorincor).

Glorincor is interested in advancing cooperation with blockchain developers.

Glorincor is interested in advancing cooperation with blockchain developers.

Managing partner of Glorincor Dr. Dmitry Klevzhits is taking part in the conference "Ethereum Russia 2016" held in Skolkovo Innovation Center where he met with Vitalik Buterin co-founder of Ethereum, and as a co-founder of Bitcoin Magazine.

Ethereum is a public blockchain platform with programmable transaction functionality. It provides a decentralized virtual machine that can execute peer-to-peer contracts using a cryptocurrency called Ether. Ethereum was initially proposed by Vitalik Buterin in late 2013 and in 2014 he described it as "A Next-Generation Cryptocurrency and Decentralized Application Platform". Development was funded by a crowd sale in August 2014.

Blokchain development and investment projects concerning this promising industry are the central part of the Glorincor investment strategy for two upcoming years.

Blockchain - technology, which became a separate sphere of investment, along with the Bitcoin system. Only in the first quarter of 2016, the global capitalization of services and technologies based on blockchain reached $ 9 billion. Venture capital investments in Bitcoin / blockchain within the last year amounted to about half a billion dollars. JPMorgan, Chase, IBM, Microsoft are becoming deeply engaged in blockchain. The latter has implemented the possibility to develop applications on blockchain Ethereum - Blockchain-as-a-Service.

Dmitry Klevzhits
Managing partner

MSc, PhD

Dr.Dmitry Klevzhits is serial entrepreneur and investor. He became the top-ranking manager in Belarussian government (1st rank - at 27 years old, the youngest in the country`s history) and private sectors. Currently he concentrated business activities in healthcare industry, IT and high-margin projects in traditional sectors in the private field. He is one of the founders of biopharmaceutical company "Nativita" (production of biosimilars and cytostatics drugs). During 2011 - 2013 he had been the Chief Executive of National Agency for Investment and Privatization (Belarus), member of innovation policy and investment committee under Prime-Minister of Belarus and an active representative of Belarus in the World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (Switzerland). Prior to joining NAIP, Dr. Klevzhits was a financial officer at OJSC "Aeroflot - Russian Airlines" for several years. Before that he joint with OJSC "AFK Sistema" for 3 years: participated in development of new key high-tech business assets (OJSC Intellect-Telecom, OJSC Sitronics, JV Sistema-Rosatom, OJSC MTS etc.).

Dr. Klevzhits has studied in IMD Business School in 2013 (Switzerland). He holds PhD in Economics from the Institute of World Economy and International Relations of Russian Academy of Sciences. Dr. Klevzhits holds MSc in International Economy from the Belarusian State University. Before his graduation during 2004 he has been studied in Stanton School (London, United Kingdom).

Alexander Pisarenkov

MSc, PhD

Alexander Pisarenkov has more than eight years of experience in the investment field and has extensive experience in corporate finance, strategy, management of investment projects, M&A transactions. Alexander Pisarenkov was an advisor to the Group CEO of the ASCORP Holdings (more than $3 billion AUM). Chaired the working group on the formation of a portfolio of assets for M&A transactions, investment strategy and development company in the CIS and Eastern Europe.

Alexander Pisarenkov began his professional career in investment field at the Foresight Capital Group, where he focused on analytics, the formation of an investment portfolio and financial advisory. Currently he is a member of Board of Directors of Intratool Group. Concurrently with the professional activity Alexander teaches a course on corporate governance, finance, and private equity investments at the Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Alexander Pisarenkov holds PhD in Economics from the Institute of World Economy and International Relations of Russian Academy of Sciences and MSc in Financial Management from the Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Andrey Yuranov
Investment Manager

Andrey has more than 5 years` experience of working in the corporate business support sector in the leading bank in Belarus. He was dealing with major bank investment projects in both back and front office including heavy machinery, microelectronics, and logistics.

Andrey has successfully managed numerous investment projects in construction industry. On behalf of the Belarus Government he coordinated the team up to 30 experts involving multiple international professionals.

His professional interests over the last years have focused to a significant extent on the financial modeling, analysis and forecasting, feasibility studies development, business plans and industry researches.

Andrey has completed numerous study programs in areas of investment and macroeconomic analysis, capital markets, valuation and project management. He holds Ernst&Young certificate on Finance Modeling.

Working in Glorincor Andrey is responsible for an investment opportunities analysis, valuation examinations, finance modeling and due diligence, development of portfolio companies.

Alexander Chajkun
Investment Director


Alexander Chaykun has over seven years of experience in industrial field, portfolio and direct investments. For the last five years he has been investment manager in a leading Russian private equity company ICT Group ($8 billion AUM). Alexander executed the multi-billion dollar projects in chemical and mining industries, monitored operations of portfolio companies, supported M&A exit/entry transactions, advised management on M&A, operational and strategic issues.

Previously Alexander worked in KIT Finance Investment bank as a sell-side fixed-income analyst conducting market research of various industries - metallurgy, retail, machinery, gas&oil, etc.

Alexander Chaykun holds PhD in Economics from the Higher School of Economics, MSc in International Economy - from the Belarusian State University. Alexander is also CFA chartholder.

Sergei Maskevich

Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor of Physics, member of the International Academy of Education.

1974 - 2005 - Yanka Kupala State University (Grodno, Belarus). In 1983 - PhD "Spectral properties of fluorescent derivatives of thiamine, pyruvic acid and their complexes with divalent metal ions in solutions". In 1995 - Doctor of Science - dissertation entitled "Surface enhanced Raman scattering and structural organization of molecular systems adsorbed on metal surfaces". Since 1988 - associate professor - General and Theoretical Physics. 1995 - vice-rector for scientific work. 1997 - 2005 - Rector of the Yanka Kupala State University. In 1997 - research fellow at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Reims University (France). Сreated scientific school in the field of optical spectroscopy of biomolecules and nanostructures and optical research laboratory of molecular spectroscopy and optical nanostructures (on the basis of Yanka Kupala State University).

In 2005 - elected to the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus. He worked in the parliamentary committee on budget and Chairman of the committee on international affairs.

2010 - 2014 - Minister of Education of Belarus. Since 2014 - Chairman of the Education Board of the CIS.

Sergei Maskevich constantly supervises research projects in the field of physics of nanostructures and nanotechnologies and its applications in the biomedical analytics, which are financed by the Government of the Republic of Belarus and international funds. He is the author of more than 300 scientific papers on molecular spectroscopy, optics, nanostructures and management in education.

Under the guidance of Sergei Maskevich created dozens of international educational projects, designed and signed interstate and interuniversity agreements on cooperation in the sphere of science and education. Organized scientific and educational cooperation framework within CIS, Poland, China, Lithuania and other countries.

Igor Nabiev

Igor Nabiev has been in physics and biological sciences for almost 40 years. He is one of the world leaders in nano-biotechnological researches.

In the early 1980s Nabiev was the first Russian researcher to develop, in collaboration with research groups headed by Therese Cotton (United States) and Eckhard Koglin (Germany), biological applications of surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS), an ultrasensitive analytical method.  Nabiev's research in SERS biospectroscopy attracted much attention of the scientific community and won him a number of prestigious scientific prizes. Nabiev was invited as a visiting professor to Georgia Technological Institute, Atlanta, Georgia, United States (1989); Pittsburgh University, Pittsburgh, United States (1990); and the University of Reims Champagne Ardenne (Universite de Reims Champagne Ardenne), France (1991-1994).

In 1994 Nabiev accepted full professorship in the University of Reims Champagne Ardenne, France, where he is now directing nano-biotechnological developments in the Laboratory for Research in Nanoscience (Laboratorie de Recherche en Nanosciences, LRN-EA4682).

Since 2000, Prof. Nabiev has been developing the methods for synthesis semiconductor nanocrystals, functional modification of their surface, and their biomedical applications as fluorescent tags for ultrasensitive detection and biomedical diagnosis. He was the first European researcher to patent diagnostic systems based on nanocrystals conjugated with recognizing molecules.

At present, Prof. Nabiev coordinates a number of national (French and Russian) and international (European Union) research programs on the development of ultrasensitive nano-biotechnological detection systems using solid-state and liquid-phase chips. He also supervises basic research and applied developments in nanosafety and nanomedicine. Prof. Nabiev is the director of European Technological Platform "Semiconductor Nanocrystals" in the framework of the NAMDIATREAM project (the Institute of Molecular Medicine of Trinity College Dublin, Ireland).

In 2008-2009 Prof. Nabiev received the Walton Award, a prestigious scientific prize of the Science Foundation of Ireland, for his research and developments in nano-biotechnology.

Motsnaya kartka

The Loyalty program "Motsnaya kartka" is a banking payment card BelCard premium (Belarus), which can be used to pay in large quantity of shops, to withdraw cash from ATMs and get it over discounts from participating companies in the program.

The Loyalty program united Belarusian banks and the popular retailers and service companies. The number of participating companies in loyalty program "Motsnaya kartka" is growing.

"Motsnaya kartka" today is:


The company has been established in order to develop a versatile system for multiplexed early diagnosis of malignant tumors and autoimmune diseases, carry out preclinical and clinical trials, and commercialize the manufacturing of the diagnostic preparations.

The diagnostic system employs nano-bio hybrid probes that, having recognized, and bound with, the disease biomarker, are detected on the basis of the fluorescence of semiconductor nanocrystals (quantum dots) contained in the probes. The system is two orders of magnitude more sensitive than the existing analogues. Besides, it allows one to detect simultaneously many different biomarkers because the corresponding capture molecules can be linked to quantum dots that fluoresce in different colors but have the same excitation spectrum.

World cancer's diagnostic market is estimated at 100 bn USD. Current Multiplexed test-system market is around 20 billion USD with 7% CAGR.


Intratool Group is Russian engineering company working in industrial and energy sectors including three major sectors in oil and gas industry: upstream, midstream and downstream. Mission of Intratool Group - we bring in innovation for better production efficiency. Intratool Group is pioneer in the introduction of modern advanced technology and equipment in to the domestic industrial and energy sectors. Intratool is active working in post-Soviet Union countries including Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Baltic region and has representative offices in the Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Intratool Group includes 10 companies and total employees are more than 800.


"Lubimaya karta" is universal loyalty program working with both federal and local retails in Russia with opportunity to global expansion. Exclusive software of the loyalty program united banks and retails. Such innovative decisions help business to attract new customers and integrate marketing communications.


Completed project in pharmaceutical area with investment amount up to 15 mln. USD dollars. Nativita is an international company, specializing on manufacturing of generic medicines in the Republic of Belarus. The company's pharmaceutical products cover capsule, tablet and injectable forms of drugs. Being the only manufacturer of the kind in the Republic of Belarus, Nativita ensures the provision of high quality tested pharmaceutical products to the EU, as well as Russia, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries.

More information: www.nativita.by

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